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Pill Mill Pill Crusher FAQ

01. How Do I Clean My Pill Mill ?

It is best to clean the crusher once a week with water. It is also recommended to clean the burrs once a month with a soft brush (toothbrush or similar), to prevent residue buildup on the burrs overtime, which can cause a poorer grind.​

Do so by turning the adjusting wheel under the burr counterclockwise while holding the handle until it comes off. Then take out the burr (carefully since there is a spring inside) and brush it under running water. Also give the part of the burr attached to the crusher a scrub. Please pay attention to dry all parts very well. Then reassemble the crusher.

02. How Do I Crush Big Pills ?

If the crusher is unable to crush a pill of a bigger size, there are two options.


1. Breaking the pill into smaller pieces first and then crushing them.


2. Letting your crusher do the breaking for you by setting the size of the crushing to the coarsest setting and crushing the pill into smaller pieces, then adjusting the size to the finest setting and crushing the coarsely crushed pill again.

03. Does The Pill Mill Come With a Guarantee ?

Yes! Our Pill Mill Pill Crusher is backed by a manufacturer 30 day money back guarantee.

04. How Many Pills Can I Crush At The Same Time ?

That depends on the size of your pills. The Pill Mill Crusher design allows it to crush 50+ pills at the same time.

05. I Cannot Get The Lid Of My Crusher. What Do I Do ?

If you have received a defective Pill Mill, we deeply apologize. This happens sometimes when the units get pressed on during transportation and it slightly changes the shape of the lid, causing it to get stuck.


Please contact us via email provided on our website, and we will immediately take care of the issue.

Pill Mill Pill Cutter FAQ

01. Can I cut large pills with the Pill Mill Pill Cutter?

Yes, you can cut medication of any size.

02. The cover does not fit over the splitting compartment due to the size of my medication. What do I do?

Instead of using the cover, place your hand over the splitting compartment to make sure the pill stays inside.

03. Is all medication appropriate for cutting?

Some pills are not meant to be split. Consult your physician or pharmacist before cutting any medication.

Pill Mill Pill Bags FAQ

01. Are the bags meant for daily or weekly use?

You can use the bags as a daily or weekly pill organizer, that is why it is labeled with a write-on label that you can use with just a pen.

02. Are the bags reusable?

Yes, your pouches are reusable as they are made from high quality durable plastic. They will eventually wear out, so just simply throw them away and use a new bag.

03. Can I use the bag for whole pills only?

No, you can store pre-split or pre-powdered pills in your bags. They are also suitable for storage of any other objects, such as nuts, spices etc. 

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